The BUILDING TOGETHER capital campaign is an essential step in transforming OLA and our students’ experience. Projects in this campaign support nearly every aspect of our mission. What we build together today will stand for years and generations to come.

Classroom Spaces

Our current science lab serves only our middle school students. As a result, lower school students must conduct lab experiments and complete science activities in their classrooms. Through this campaign, a new lower school science lab will be added, providing hands-on science experiences for our younger students. In addition, all students will benefit from a new dedicated STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, art, and mathematics) lab. These new spaces will foster a significant leap in the student experience, opening the doors to exploration, collaboration, and innovation for all grades. The labs will include interactive white boards, computers, digital microscopes, 3D printers, wet labs, and more.

A new computer lab will enhance the use of technology and improve efficiency and classroom experience.

The new building will replace six existing classrooms with three new Pre-K rooms, a new middle school wing, and two new music rooms. This will allow for much needed additional classrooms in grades K through 5 in the existing building.


Dining Spaces

A new kitchen will be built to allow for onsite meal service for all grades and will also provide the flexibility to utilize catering services for a variety of school and parish events.


Community Spaces

The main entrance to the school will be relocated to a more central location. The entrance will be dramatically updated with a glass front to serve as a focal point for the school. An atrium will shine with natural light and serve as a flexible activity space for a wide variety of school and OLA community events, including cultural presentations, student programs, arts exhibitions, receptions, and much more.

New restrooms will be added for students and staff, and the addition of an elevator will improve access for those with mobility challenges.

On the building’s exterior, the landscaping will be beautified, a rosary garden will be added, parking spaces reconfigured, and sidewalks connected.


Administrative Spaces

The principal’s office will be relocated along with the nurse’s station to a more central location within the school. This new location will provide better accessibility in a more open and welcoming environment.

In addition, a new conference room will be added for school use.

Additional administrative offices will be relocated to renovated space.