The Gala is one of the primary fundraisers for the school year, and the funds raised will provide for additional academic programs, technology advancements, campus improvements, and teacher endowments.

All donations to the Gala are tax deductible, and donors will have company information included in the promotional communications prior to the event and displayed for all those attending to see.

We encourage OLA families to contribute items or gift certificates to help make this event a huge success. If you have a contact at a business or frequent a place of business and are comfortable requesting a gift card donation, we encourage you to do so.  Please contact the Acquisitions Co-Chairs Christina Stern or Michele Swiderek prior to your request to see if the business has been contacted.

Not everyone is comfortable soliciting donations, so please consider purchasing an item with another family. It will be less expensive, and you won’t have to ask for anything.

If you have any questions about making or soliciting a donation, please contact the Acquisitions Co-Chairs Christina Stern or Michele Swiderek. Forms may be emailed or sent to the school office to the attention of Gala Acquistions.

All of our children will benefit from your generous contributions.

Donation Form (please include with all donations)