The Spiritual Life Committee’s annual Adopt-a-Family Project will begin on Monday, November 18, and end Friday, December 13. This is a community outreach program that OLA has been doing for many years in conjunction with Atlanta Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement Program.

Catholic Charities aids these refugee families in many ways from the moment they arrive in Atlanta. Their needs are great, and Catholic Charities relies on the Atlanta Catholic community to help fill the basic needs that help them start their new lives. One of the first things families receive are “Welcome Baskets,” which Catholic Charities provides. They contain basic kitchenwares, cleaning and bath essentials, and bedding.

The Spiritual Angels will be visiting the classrooms to explain the project to the students, teach them what a refugee is, and explain how OLA through Catholic Charities can help them. The classroom Spiritual Angels will send parents a list of the items needed to fill the class’s Welcome Baskets, details on how to donate items, and prayers that can be shared as a family.

Participation is voluntary. The OLA community has been wonderfully generous with this project each year, and Catholic Charities is truly grateful for the help the OLA community is able to provide. Please remember these refugee families in your prayers this Advent season.