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Mandy CrockWelcome to Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School! We hope as you explore our website you not only learn what makes OLA special but could find a home for your student.

OLA is more than just a Catholic school. It is a thriving community of families that embrace our mission to educate the whole child in the Catholic faith. We maintain high standards and provide a rigorous curriculum, based on a nurturing environment which provides for the spiritual and academic development of each child.

Students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators demonstrate a passion for the mission, and the viability of such is apparent through its incorporation into the daily life of the school. We believe that school is not only a vehicle for basic studies but also offers an opportunity to encourage critical thinking, Christian leadership, and civic responsibility. From its beginning in 1951, the Sisters of Mercy instilled into the school community the importance of social justice and service. These fundamentals remain paramount today at OLA. Students are actively involved in supporting other local Catholic schools, feeding the homeless and hungry, providing for immigrants, and caring for those abroad.

As an Archdiocese of Atlanta parish school, Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School is proud to be part of the network of Catholic schools in the Atlanta area. We provide an exceptional, challenging PK-eighth grade curriculum that is dedicated to the success of all students. We have been twice designated as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education and are fully accredited by Cognia through district-wide accreditation as part of the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

Located in Brookhaven, Georgia, our school serves students from over 20 Catholic parishes.

I encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our school. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like to request a tour. Thank you for your interest in Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School.

Many blessings,
Mrs. Mandy Crock

Administrative/Office Email Title/Department
Aldrich, Amy aaldrich@olaschool.org Communications Coordinator
Ali, Maheen mali@olaschool.org Registrar/Receptionist
Bizzell, Lauren lbizzell@olaschool.org Business Manager
Brown, Kathryn kbrown@olaschool.org Enrollment Manager
Crock, Mandy mcrock@olaschool.org Principal
DeGance, Cathy cdegance@olaschool.org Nurse
Delmonte, Gayle gdelmonte@olaschool.org Director of Advancement
Harry, Jenn jharry@olaschool.org Advancement/Special Projects
Herndon, Helen hherndon Curriculum Coordinator
May, Kerry kmay@olaschool.org Nurse
Shoemaker, Tonya tshoemaker@olaschool.org Assistant Principal
Sturgis, Alden asturgis@olaschool.org Nurse
Sutter, Mary Anne msutter@olaschool.org Substitute Coordinator
Staff Email Title/Department
Atlow, Gabby gatlow@olaschool.org Primary
Beck, Lisa lbeck@olaschool.org Intermediate
Bentley, Leigh lbentley@olaschool.org Primary
Berg, Kathy kberg@olaschool.org Primary
Blitch, Jennifer jblitch@olaschool.org Intermediate
Brignac, Hagan hbrignac@olaschool.org Middle School
Carlson, Cherie ccarlson@olaschool.org Technologist
Clements, Amy aclements@olaschool.org Middle School
Collier, Dee dcollier@olaschool.org Middle School
Coral, Kelly kcoral@olaschool.org Primary
Denton, Geena gdenton@olaschool.org Intermediate
Drobinski, Beth bdrobinski@olaschool.org Middle School
Dunn, Susan sdunn@olaschool.org Middle School
Evans, Rachel revans@olaschool.org Middle School
Fleming, Peyton pfleming@olaschool.org Primary
Gibson, Mike mgibson@olaschool.org Music/Band
Gilvin, Amy agilvin@olaschool.org K-5 Technology
Hanes, Amanda ahanes@olaschool.org Primary
Hirsch, Mackenzie mhirsch@olaschool.org Primary
Jourdan, Ali ajourdan@olaschool.org Primary
Jovert, Emily ejovert@olaschool.org Primary
Junius, Nicole njunius@olaschool.org Primary
Leopardi, Giuliana gleopardi@olaschool.org PK-5 Spanish
Litchfield, Yvette ylitchfield@olaschool.org Intermediate
Milanesi, Rob rmilanesi@olaschool.org Middle School
Miller-Deasy, Diane dmillerdeasy@olaschool.org Librarian
Mauer, Emily emauer@olaschool.org Intermediate
Moreno, Elizabeth emoreno@olaschool.org Middle School Spanish
Nelson, Amy anelson@olaschool.org Intermediate
Quintans, Michelle mquintans@olaschool.org Intermediate
Ralston, Margaret mralston@olaschool.org Primary
Rives, John jrives@olaschool.org Middle School
Schissel, Crystal cschissel@olaschool.org Intermediate
Sheppard, Teresa tsheppard@olaschool.org Music
Smolynsky, Emily esmolynsky@olaschool.org Intermediate
Sublieski, Heather hsublieski@olaschool.org Intermediate
Thayer, Megan mthayer@olaschool.org Physical Education
Trupiano, Aimee atrupiano@olaschool,org Primary
Tronnes, Debbie dtronnes@olaschool.org Middle School
Wathen, Elizabeth ewathen@olaschool.org Intermediate
Watson, Carrie cwatson@olaschool.org STEM
West, Jennifer jwest@olaschool.org Physical Education
Staff Email Title/Department
Avena, Laine lavena@olaschool.org 1-3
Bradford, Maggie mbradford@olaschool.org 1-2
Claussen, Kasey kclaussen@olaschool.org Guidance
Cosse, Karen kcosse@olaschool.org PK-2
Ferrara, Jeannine jferrara@olaschool.org Guidance
Harrison, Kathleen kharrison@olaschool.org Middle School
McNamara, Kristen kmcnamara@olaschool.org Middle School
Sublieski, Heather hsublieski@olaschool.org Intermediate
Staff Email Title/Department
Cavanagh, Ann acavanagh@olaschool.org Library
Elkhoury, Layale lelkhoury@olaschool.org Primary
Ingham, Michelle mingham@olaschool.org Primary
Ingraham, Cecie cingraham@olaschool.org Primary
Latour, Leah llatour@olaschool.org Art
Lee, Julie jlee@olaschool.org Intermediate
Llano, Elsie ellano@olaschool.org Intermediate
Miller, Stephanie smiller@olaschool.org Library
Nettles, Betsy bnettles@olaschool.org Primary
Phillips, Marie mphillips@olaschool.org Primary
Pierce, Jill jpierce@olaschool.org Primary
Pinto, Leslie lpinto@olaschool.org Art
Shaw, Nielda nshaw@olaschool.org Primary
Wurst, Susan swurst@olaschool.org Primary
Wynn, Mary mwynn@olaschool.org Primary
Staff Email Title/Department
Costlow, Jim jcostlow@olaschool.org Landscape Maintenance
Bamford, Paul pbamford@olaschool.org Maintenance
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