“God was the center of our retreat and it was amazing. We spent time in this little church praying and meditating to God. On one of the sunsets we sat and watched while Little Big Faith Choir sang. The choir group did so well and they sang beautifully. My favorite place that we prayed to God was the waterfall. The nature and the waterfall were breathtaking. We got to say the Rosary and really think about God. I found a lot of comfort saying the Rosary because it was so peaceful. The great thing about this religious retreat was that we were guided in the right path to be like Jesus. There are not a lot of places that are as beautiful as Covecrest, and we are lucky we are allowed to go there.” – Eighth-Grade Student

Middle school retreats are a time for the students to interact with the faculty in a casual setting.  Retreat activities are directed by the Middle School Religion Teacher. Sixth-grade retreats are held on campus; the seventh and eighth-grade students travel off campus. The purpose of the retreats is to help students grow in their faith and to learn more about their relationship with God and one another.

The seventh and eighth-grade retreats are a combination of multi-disciplinary activities and an interaction with the natural world where students can acquire new knowledge and recognize that information learned in school exists outside the classroom as well. The purpose is to teach the students an appreciation of the natural world and to use the environment as a stimulus for learning.

The eighth-grade retreat is held in the fall of each year. Sixth and seventh-grade retreats are held in the spring of each year.

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