Home and School Association

The Home and School Association (HSA) is a parent organization that provides a vital and much-appreciated service to school leadership and the entire school community. The activities sponsored by the HSA are designed to build community spirit and advance the mission of the school. The HSA supports the policies and decisions of the administration. The parents neither participate in policy-making by the school nor function as a lobbying group.

Members of the Home and School Association organize yearly school fundraisers. The fundraisers may involve selling items for profit. Archdiocesan Policy forbids students to be involved in door-to-door soliciting/sales.


Promotes and maintains parental interest in the school and provides a vehicle for communication and community building between parents and the administration and faculty. Home and School facilitates cooperative activities that are beneficial to the school. Membership in the Home and School Association includes the parents or legal guardians of each child attending OLA Catholic School, the principal, the faculty, and the pastor of OLA Parish.

The purpose of the Home and School Association is to support the school and its mission by:

  • Developing faith and community among parents, faculty, and students
  • Fostering communication and cooperation between parents and faculty
  • Encouraging and coordinating parent volunteerism within the school
  • Raising funds to enhance the educational opportunities provided by the school

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