The Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School Advisory Council was established pursuant to the Archdiocesan Superintendent of Schools with the following purposes:

  • To support effective administration, operation, and maintenance of the school
  • To provide a means of communication
  • To review and discuss programs in light of the administrative vision for the school
  • To develop and strengthen the relationship between the school and its parish
  • To develop and strengthen the financial functioning and viability of the school
  • To assist the administration in the implementation of the policies of the Archdiocese of Atlanta

The Advisory Council is not a policy-making board and serves strictly as a support to the Principal and the Pastor. Members are appointees serving a three-year term.

The 2021-2022 members of the Council are:

Lisa Cordell
Fr. James D. Duffy, S.M.
Ray Peebles
Judy Nussbaum
Greg Schlich
Catherine Rice
Monique Harrison (Chairperson)
Meghan Kessell
Daniel Noyd
Carrie Whitney 

Mission Effectiveness
Strategic Planning

Archbishop Gregory J. Hartmayer (ex-officio)

Harry “Hal” Plummer Superintendent of Schools (ex-officio)